Written by Roxanne Brown
in collaboration with
Barbara Mastej and
John S. Link, M.D.

There are lots of books on this subject, but not one that's as succinct and as wise as this.  Brown wastes no time with over-explaining or filling your brain with needless information.

This is a book of essentials -- a book that highlights things you need to know NOW.

Nothing is wasted, nothing overlooked.  Because when you're undergoing chemo, you haven't the time or patience to read endless explanations that sidetrack you with extraneous details.

This book is short and to the point.  It is also delightfully illustrated and even (can you believe?) amusing.  And if there's ever a time that cries out for humor, it's when you're trapped in the midst of a life crisis.

Buy this book.  Read it now.  You won't regret it.

Nancy - Venice CA

This book is endorsed and supported by John Link, M.D., one of the foremost breast cancer doctors in the world.  He practices at Breastlink, the comprehensive breast cancer group he founded in 1995.  He also conducts research, writes books, and teaches. 

Breastlink has been recognized as a leader and innovator in breast cancer care by Self magazine and ABC's 20/20.  In 1998 Dr. Link founded the Breast Cancer Care and Research Fund, a nonprofit charity dedicated to educating and helping women achieve optimal care. 

He has been recognized by numerous organizations for his dedication and contributions to women with this disease.

Dr. Link is the author of The Breast Cancer Survival Manual in its fifth edition and Take Charge of Your Breast Cancer.  He has been honored by the American Cancer Society for his commitment to the treatment and cure of breast cancer.


From Someone Who's Been There

Chemo: Secrets to Thriving is a blueprint for living life to the fullest while going through chemotherapy.  Having learned for herself that life doesn't stop during treatment, Roxanne Brown shares secrets on how to manage communication, energy, career, kids, memory, sex, depression, and yes, side effects, throughout the chemotherapy journey.  Few people know these simple, inexpensive secrets - nor are they compiled anywhere else in one source. 

This inspiring, easy to read book will be an invaluable resource for anyone who undergoes chemotherapy.  A small, easily accessible book, it's just the right size to put in a tote bag and take everywhere. 

No longer must people put their lives on hold during chemotherapy treatment.  On the contrary, it is possible to thrive during treatment.

Chemotherapy for cancer is perhaps the most feared treatment in all of medicine.  However, much of that fear is based on older methods and preparations of chemo drugs.  The good news is: major advances in both therapies and supportive care have greatly minimized the side effects of cancer treatment.

Chemo: Secrets to Thriving contains wonderful advice on how to achieve a better experience.  This book is a friend, companion, and guide, helping people manage possible side effects and enjoy life while undergoing chemotherapy.

Author Roxanne Brown was diagnosed with cancer just before her birthday.  The doctors and nurses were swift to explain options and courses of treatment: surgery, chemo radiation, and tamoxifen.  Information on managing side effects was scattered and confusing.  After months of research combined with personal experience, Roxanne shares this vital information in Chemo: Secrets to Thriving, created with the collaboration of Dr. John Link and Barbara Mastej.

The Koru symbol

The authors selected the koru as a symbol to represent this book. Koru is a Maori word for the iconic spiral shape based on the look of a new, unfurling silver fern frond.  The koru represents new life and new beginnings: growth, renewal, strength, peace, harmony, support, and loving protection.  The koru's circular shape helps convey the idea of perpetual movement, while the inner coil suggests return to the source.




7.5 x 9.25 paper - 100 pp.
ISBN 978-1-935254-53-9